Back At The Chain Restaurant

The first two hours went by quick. I’m working on a longer version of a short story that I had sent to McSweeney’s for consideration. The funny part is I just realized that the best scene from the short isn’t in the longer version and now I don’t know if it can be.

I take that back – the short can fit with a lot of changes. I just want to know how it got left out in the first place? There are theories:

  • It was there and just somehow disappeared. This phenomenon would be blamed on the laptop being possessed.
  • My new characters didn’t like the short’s so they forced them out of the plot.
  • The short’s characters didn’t like the new ending and left. Yes – there was a character revolution!
  • I am an airhead. Come on we all do it. We think we’ve cooked dinner and there is nothing in the oven. Or better yet, one makes plans and forgets to show up?
  • Oy vey!

So now I need to referee a new character in who is kind of ditsy. The others are going to hate her. It’s alright. I’ll just give them [fill in horrible situation of your choice]. I can’t let all my secrets out…

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