Jerry Garcia Tribute, Spirit Rising

Dance – Dance – Dance

The smell of the salt air. The fog rolling off the river. No bugs! And a jamming Jerry Band. Could life get any better?

It’s the beautiful melody of Sugaree or the hopping beat of That’s What Love Will Make You Do. As I start with a sway, which turns into a bounce, and eventually becomes a full blown shake fest, my inner spirit finally awakens. Some days I know it is sleeping, while others I just float Dancerwithout realizing its missing presence.

For those who have this experience, it may not be dancing that does it for you, yet something brings an uplift of the soul that transforms my whole being. I can’t stop smiling or laughing or just enjoying the moments around me. Not a care in the world.

The best part of this process is my hidden spirit gets my characters talking again. From a creative standpoint this rejuvenates every fiber of my being because when they are talking, I am not forcing their story. The new one has many characters – maybe too many. Some will not make final edits. Its okay.

Just like it is okay to find a corner and move to the beat. As much as our egos want to make us self-conscious, the reality is that no one really cares. And to hold back just messes with our attitude.

At one-point yesterday I turned to hubby and exclaimed, “It even smells right here!”

So I danced my spirit free. Turning, spinning, bouncing, moving to a flow of energy springy from a musical instrument in the distance. The world becomes more clear. It all makes sense.

And my character’s scream to be heard.

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