I broke 10,000 words today at a Dunkin Donuts of all places. Our adventure had us heading to a place called Muse, which one would think would be the perfect place to write. I personally looked them up on the old web and it looked pretty cool.

When we got there we discovered that the atmosphere just wasn’t going to work so here we toil at Dunkin Donuts down the street. At least we save money, right?

(Side note: I have nothing against chain restaurants, I just prefer not to patronize them and would rather give my hard earned dollars to a mom and pop. This is just a personal preference and not a dig at chains.)

Oh, back to my high five moment – 10,000 words. This sounds like a lot yet for someone whose work averages 65,000 words this is the first major drop in the bucket so to speak. This is where I commit to the story or put it away for a later day.

I think I’m committed.

Because of the way I work (get the initial draft done and then go back, outline, and figure out the holes), this is also the turning point. I have the beginning and ending, yeah me – already wrote the ending, so I am working on the guts. My last scene consisted of kisses and Italian cookies.

Hum – maybe I’m just hungry. (She glances around the restaurant). Maybe not.

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