Interrupting Cows (Moo)

Yes – the tour continues! I actually hit 14,000 words today and have inspiration for the direction that the story is going to take. Right now I have far too many characters so some will be going in the editing bin soon. I am sad to see them disappear yet if it is better for the story, my grief must be short lived.

After first edits I promise to post a taste of this new one. I think I mentioned before that I had submitted parts for consideration to be published in a literary magazine. I will keep you posted… Please keep in mind that my sense of humor is very warped.

So here I sit, at the chain restaurant. There was a job interview going on across from me earlier. The guy interviewing was kind of a jerk as he kept answering his cellphone during the process. Observing, he didn’t look like he was actually listening to the twenty something’s answers to his questions. If the situation was reversed and the kid answered his phone, the interviewer would have had a fit. Mutual respect is just that; mutual.

Other conversations consist mostly of the election. The Bernie people argue with the Hillary people. The Trumpster’s argue with everybody. Each has their own concern, Medicare, health insurance, taxes, and such. If one listens closely they’d see all are saying the exact same thing, voicing the same concerns. (I am going to try very hard to not get political here. My only advice is to listen to many different news outlets. Hopefully one can discover a small bit of the truth.)

The challenging part about writing in public is other people’s conversations sometimes invade your thoughts. I’m wondering if the kid got the job. And if he did how long he’ll last. And what was so important that the phone kept interrupting…

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