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Creativity Comes To Visit

Creativity is a strange friend, just the kind of person I like to hang around because it gives me cause for concern. You know, the roller-coaster emotions of an intense relationship. My dear Creativity does that to me. The extreme highs of writing a single sentence are celebrated. In contrast, the extreme lows of not having anything to say keep my mind racing at night.

Today Creativity finally acknowledged my live music danceathon.

Creativity kicked into full gear as my characters spoke loudly and changed their mannerisms and, in some cases, language. I am always in awe when this happens, as the purge of information provided will help push the plot forward sometime in the future.

After a walk with the dog and a follow-up to a few emails, Creativity is on a break now. I have invited the voices back tomorrow and hope they show up earlier than today. Yet, I never know when this all will click, I just know that I must keep Creativity going when it happens.


4 thoughts on “Creativity Comes To Visit”

  1. I always thought of creativity as a guy who is taking notes, and often gives me results after processing those notes.

    Don’t give time for that? not experiences enough to note? No creativity.

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