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Blown Opportunities

While attending Trombone Shorty’s Voodoo Threauxdown in Providence, RI, I was fortunate to meet Tony Hall, bassist for Dumpstaphunk, in between sets. Instead of asking one of the many questions I had over years of loving his band’s music (Where did the name come from? Is touring still fun? What is your favorite venue to play? What is it like to play big festivals? How’s the family? And many others…), I asked for a selfie. (ugh!)
I was that person.
Another New Orleans legend, George Porter Jr, sat in during Dumpstaphunk’s set. There was an enchantment for me when watching Mr. Porter; before my eyes he transformed into Jerry Garcia. I think it was his smile that brought me there, although I can’t be sure. Either way, I got chills.
The magic of the moment.
For that brief spell, I was transported back in time to a place where creativity soared, bands played until three in the morning, and responsibilities were minor inconveniences. Dumpstaphunk at Toad’s Place, the Neville Brothers, and The Grateful Dead kicking off the new year sharing a stage (Men Smart Women Smarter into Iko Iko!!!). So many other places where time stood still, and I was fortunate to be present.
Maybe this is what my inner voice, and the photograph, are trying to tell me – focus on the present?
Lesson aside, I thank Mr. Hall and his bandmates for playing and feeding my writing muse. I hope to experience the pure joy of another live performance soon. And if you get the chance, go – dance – experience!

2 thoughts on “Blown Opportunities”

  1. Fun post! But I think you have the opposite of “blown opportunities” – you always seem to have AMPLE opportunities, that you make the most of. Keep having fun!

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