Back At The Harmony

Today we are back at Sweet Harmony’s and I feel the need to describe my lunch. They started with homemade bread, baked fresh here daily. As I wrote lemon iced muffins came out into the IMG_20160524_115143case followed by raspberry crunch and dark chocolate cherry. Since my sandwich, which I am getting to, came with a side I opted for a Sunflower Molasses cookie verses the healthy salad or fruit. This not a sugar free week. (Please see cookie display)

I’m really excited about this sandwich! So the homemade bread and then they added sweet potatoes, fresh spinach, black bean spicy mayo, and muenster cheese…and then they grill it!

Oh. My. Gosh! Grilled Cheese nirvana!

And don’t get me started on their homemade iced Chai latte!

Today was also productive – almost 2000 words!


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