The Tour Continues…

Today started at J.Rene’s yet the noise level was too much. We shared a table with a young couple who kept edging this gigantic vase of flowers towards our side. They wanted to watch each other drink espresso and sigh into each other’s breath.

Or maybe they just found the flowers to be annoying.

Between the flowers and the noise level (I don’t think I have been in a coffeehouse this loud prior) we decided to venture out to the picnic tables in Elizabeth Park. Clean bathrooms within walking distance and a pretty quiet atmosphere although I must confess, I loved the sound of the jogger’s laughter rolling across the park. (I am a bit jealous since I can only do the laughter part – jogging and I don’t get along.)

The down fall of the park is the literary ants; giant and crawling on the picnic table, my legs, and the laptop. I guess they wanted a sneak peek of my latest W.I.P. or maybe they just wanted to get in the blog.

Hey – the jogger made it in…

1500 words – working hard – might even finish one J

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