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Chapter Two Preview – Harlot’s fire

 Urine and tobacco made sense. Every alleyway in every city possessed this stank. Yet the soft, faint haze of a Cuban cigar threw the entire scene off. That and the directions in his hand. Go to The Alley of Whores. There will be a sign. Before venturing out, he searched city maps on Google along… Continue reading Chapter Two Preview – Harlot’s fire

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Harlot’s Fire – from The Connecticut Daily

not a real newspaper... Gray Death Trial Set For mid-July. By D. Rob Porter, Times Staff On July 20, Salvi Giovani will stand trial for the manufacture and distribution of illegal substances along with kidnapping charges stemming from his detainment of a federal agent against their will. Giovani, 36, of Hartford, Connecticut, along with Harlot… Continue reading Harlot’s Fire – from The Connecticut Daily

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Coming February 12, 2020 to a bookshelf near you…

A new high has hit the streets. Before it kills, users go insane. Hospitals are overflowing with victims. as the authorities scramble to find the source. The question is, can they get there in time. Harlot's Grace is the prequel to the upcoming Harlot's Fall. Harlot's Grace February 12,2020 Harlot's Fall Spring 2020