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Harlot’s Fire – from The Connecticut Daily

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Gray Death Trial Set For mid-July.

By D. Rob Porter, Times Staff

On July 20, Salvi Giovani will stand trial for the manufacture and distribution of illegal substances along with kidnapping charges stemming from his detainment of a federal agent against their will. Giovani, 36, of Hartford, Connecticut, along with Harlot Grace, age and address unknown, both will be tried in Hartford Superior Court.  According to Attorney General Curry’s office, both face charges relating to multiple counts of drug trafficking and manufacturing and possession of illegal firearms. Grace was employed in the area as a popular local adult entertainer.

The Attorney General’s office would not go into detail. A spokesperson said, “At this juncture, the federal drug task force and the great state of Connecticut have combined efforts to discover sufficient evidence to bring multiple charges in the case of the Gray Death street drug. We want the public to know that this harmful product has been eradicated, and those responsible will be given a speedy, fair trial. We will release more information as it becomes available, and we are able to do so without compromise,” in a statement released earlier today.

When asked if the defendants will be charged with murder, the attorney general’s office spokesperson responded, “At this time, the attorney general’s office is focusing on the manufacture and distribution of illegal substances, along with the ancillary charges of illegal firearms. This case is complex. There is much more to this case that will be discussed at a later date.” The charge of murder is being pursued by the families of the 146 victims of an overdose on the grounds that both manufacturer and distributor knew the substance to be unstable. 

A spokesperson for the families responded, “that although they understand that the added charges will not bring back their loved ones, they feel that the addition of murder might dissuade others from partaking in this industry in the future.” He also added, “there are other options available to the families, and at this time, they are exploring the vitality of each.”  Although no one involved would speak on the record to confirm, The Connecticut Daily obtained information for a pending civil suit.  (More information to come at a later date.)

On May 29, a drug task force of federal and state officials raided a property in Lyme, Connecticut. A drug manufacturing lab was found in an outbuilding on the premises, along with multiple unregistered firearms and small bill currency stacks. Multiple sources confirm that the substance found in the lab had a similar chemical compound to the Gray Death street drug responsible for over 146 overdoses earlier that month.

Two men, both unidentified, were taken into custody by federal agents. A spokesperson for the federal drug task force has confirmed that both men are the chemists responsible for the compound. The same source also confirmed that at least one of the two men are in the country illegally. At this time, the person’s country of origin cannot be confirmed.

The property is owned by a series of shell corporations that ultimately lead authorities back to Giovani through forensic science and cybersecurity breaches. Giovani was on the premises at the time of the raid. He fled through the woods in an all-terrain vehicle. Authorities arrested Giovani later that day in Salem, Connecticut.

During the raid, federal agents shot and killed Lester A. Yongst, 37, last known address West Hartford, Connecticut, after he threatened officers with a firearm. Yongst is believed to be the primary distributor of Gray Death. Officials believe that he set up a distribution network in conjunction with local and regional drug dealers. Yongst was known to frequent many area establishments during the day and could often be found at various bars and coffeehouses along the I-91 corridor.

Yongst’s older brother, Louis A. Yongst, is the co-owner of Lucky Lou’s, the adult entertainment establishment on Airport Rd in Hartford. A further connection to his brother’s business, Harlot Grace was recently employed at Lucky Lou’s. Upon departure, she joined the Matteo Corporation as Salvi Giovani’s personal assistant. Salvi’s family owns the Matteo Corporation. Victor Giovani, Salvi’s father, is the current C.E.O.

At this time, both companies have been cleared of any wrongdoing. Lucky Lou’s remains closed until further notice.

Jury selection for both defendant’s trial is scheduled to start next week. Currently, the proceedings will be open to the public, although The Daily has been informed this may change as the trial start date draws closer. Look for further updates in the The Connecticut Daily and online at ConnecticutDaily.com.

Look for Chapter 2 – coming soon…

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