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Harlot’s fire – Available March 1st!

Harlot Grace, the brains behind the street drug Gray Death, has escaped from the hospital. Brendan Curry’s tour bus is missing. Curry’s father is the lead prosecutor on Harlot’s case.

Special Agent Alia Price needs to find both – one for justice, the other to save his life.

With help from a Rockstar and his caravan, Price goes on an undercover journey that takes her from a major music festival to deep within a national forest.

Will she reach both in time?

The continuation of the earlier released Harlot’s grace…

Enter to win a signed copy of Harlot’s fire on Goodreads.
(Continental U.S. only)

3 thoughts on “Harlot’s fire – Available March 1st!”

  1. hi there, i am thinking of you today.  i dont want to stop your flow, if you are busy.  If not, feel free to give me a call anytime – i am home all day!! Love Ya Kiddo!! Blessings from Terri

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