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Chapter Two Preview – Harlot’s fire

¬†Urine and tobacco made sense. Every alleyway in every city possessed this stank. Yet the soft, faint haze of a Cuban cigar threw the entire scene off. That and the directions in his hand. Go to The Alley of Whores. There will be a sign. Before venturing out, he searched city maps on Google along… Continue reading Chapter Two Preview – Harlot’s fire

Harlot's Fire, Harlot's grace, Suspense, Writing

Harlot’s Fire – from The Connecticut Daily

not a real newspaper... Gray Death Trial Set For mid-July. By D. Rob Porter, Times Staff On July 20, Salvi Giovani will stand trial for the manufacture and distribution of illegal substances along with kidnapping charges stemming from his detainment of a federal agent against their will. Giovani, 36, of Hartford, Connecticut, along with Harlot… Continue reading Harlot’s Fire – from The Connecticut Daily