The Smell Of Baked Goods…

Today we are composing at The Half Moon Café & Grille and as you can see, they have a kick ass dessert bar. I’m off sugar again yet the place smells like baking cake.
20160517_123215 This is perfect for me – all the visual and scent sensations without the after effect. From experience, they make a killer three bean vegetarian soup!

And there is an espresso bar. I probably do not need any more caffeine yet it is comforting to know caffeine is an option.

So today the concentration is on dialog and figuring out where my characters want to go. Currently this piece is developing into a straight up romance, which will be a disappointment to those who dug Passenger – The Only Game In Town. The plot will probably change as it ripens. They usually do. At this point I can’t guarantee explosions.

This is one of the many challenges of writing long pieces. I refuse to outline until I have a finished first draft. Then, and only then, I sketch to see where my plot is weak in order to make a stronger story. I’ve been told that there is an easier method yet the process, to me, is more organic this way. My first two books were written in notebooks and then transposed on to the computer. The last two I wrote on a laptop. There is a difference in the way the stories developed.

If I follow The Artist’s Way method I should do the book freehand, pen to paper, first and then input. Pen and paper come in handy, say at the beach or in the middle of the night when an idea floats in that is (sometimes) brilliant.

Sorry to say no interesting eavesdropping today…maybe tomorrow.


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