Are All Women Crazy?

Greetings from an unnamed chain restaurant. Today’s blog is going to consist of random conversations that interrupt the flow of writing. Side note: I can’t make this up…

  • Guy in his mid-fifties is standing between me and the iced tea choices. He smiles and informs me that “he is the tea guard and he can’t let me pass without the code.” I looked up and said “pushy female coming through”. He laughs and moves aside. I get my tea. He then adds, “That wasn’t the code – I let you pass.” This is going to be a long day.
  • Woman in her late 20’s, dressed to the nines, is leaning against the table in front of me. An older man walks up and asks, “Is this the only table?” After she nods in a positive way, he replies, “Nice job little girl!” Ah – sexual harassment in its finest.
  • We witnessed another great debate, this time by two 20 something males. One asked “Are all woman are crazy?” I think his friend is still laughing!
  • After looking at the menu here, I snuck in a bag of almonds. Don’t tell anyone!

1200 words…probably none of it worth keeping.

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