Greetings From The Road…

Greetings Folks!

I am going to try something new with “The Blog”. For those who are not aware, I teach writing and by doing so, I sometimes let my own work go by the wayside.

Now that the semester is over I need to get back in the swing and start in on my creative endeavors. So I am taking Julia Cameron’s advice from The Artist Way and will be going on a series of “laptop dates” with another writer. This is like having a workout buddy for your mind.

I would like to share these adventures and hopefully employ some writing wisdom along the way. Today’s s20160516_115833 (1)top is at Sweet Harmony Café and Bakery. I highly recommend their iced green tea and spinach feta croissant. I have worked here before and really love the chill atmosphere.

From a production stand point the place is quiet and spacious. I ended up with over 1500 words for the day spread about in two works in progress and this blog. A couple things intrigue me about “writing out”.

Cellphones are an intrusion. The ringers along with subsequent conversations (Do I really need to know about your adult diaper brand?) break flow whereas eavesdropping, on purpose or by accident, can take your stories into new directions. (The two college age women behind me are discussing what type of man is good to marry and why. The way they analyze and dissect, they remind me of the 95% who I consider to be “good students”. The other 5%, uck….)

People are interesting.

More to come…


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