Why My Husband Is A Genius…

Right now I know some of you are looking at the title and wondering what my husband did to deserve this acknowledgement while others are laughing their butts off waiting for my warped sense of humor to kick in and hear about what bone head move happened in my house.

I’m sorry later group – you will all be disappointed.

It all started about a week and a half ago when I found out that one of the writer’s conferences I will be attending offered the opportunity to promote my latest book via a book trailer and they will sell copies at the event.

I went online, googled book trailers (because honestly I had no idea what they were talking about), and got far too many options and examples to grasp the concept of what I needed to do. So while whining about this to hubby he said “Use WeVideo – it’s easy…” What is this WeVideo you speak of?

So he explains and asks what my vision is and I have this whole Hollywood production in mind with me standing on the beach, sun setting in the background, epic music playing.

He offers to film. We can’t coordinate schedules so he takes the camera and goes out in 10 degree warmth to get me some beach video.

Cool. He also put together a quick run through so I could sit there and say “that’s not what I wanted…”

(Typical of me – I know) I take over production and can’t get the program to work. Hubby instructs like I am one of his 6 graders. I get pissed… You get the picture.

And then something awesome happens…I work in a program I am familiar with and get the concept down. We convert it to video. I go to his studio to do a voice over and wha-la!

Take a peek at the finished product and let me know what you think…

Click Here To See Trailer

(I also learned that we should never own a business or work together on a creative project. Which is a good thing…And yes – I still think he is a genius!)

Just released!

2 thoughts on “Why My Husband Is A Genius…”

  1. Fun post, Lynn! The husband-wife project thing doesn’t go to well in my house either. When it comes to big life issues, we’re good. Just not projects. Nice job on the trailer!

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