Katy Perry and Bubble Gum

How many times do we insult someone without realizing we have done so? Last evening at the John Mayer show in Bridgeport rumor spread quickly that Katy Perry was waiting backstage to sing a duet with the hometown troubadour. The whispers turned into girls screeching “KATEEEEEEEEEEEE,” between every song.
This got annoying quick.
A twenty something turned to me at one point and exclaimed “Isn’t it exciting Katy is going to sing?”
I didn’t reply. When she repeated her glee again I simply said, “Isn’t she kind of bubble gum?”
At that point the generation gap is established. I jumped up and danced to covers of Lay Down Sally and You Don’t Know How It Feels along with many of Mayer’s originals. The youngsters talked through the Clapton cover. Actually they talked through everything until they started the Katy screech.
Then they just screeched until hubby informed them Katy had left the building. “Hey – that’s what the GM said, but what do I know.”
Eyes watered. Bubbles popped. And for a few precious songs, silence reigned.

john mayer