Sweet Harmony

Harmony comes from many different places. It could be present in an eclectic coffee shop or when 30,000 people are all swaying to the same song. Harmony came my way twice this week.

I am working in the coffee shop again, (best egg sandwich anywhere!), trying to get


Crowd at SPAC 21 June 16

Neddy’s ready for when my editor arrives next week. Her visits are always anticipated with excitement to be in the same time zone and dread of showing my present work.

I also went back to The Saratoga Preforming Arts Center or SPAC for short. My first trip there took place in the early 80’s. I caravan up with four other cars of folks, got to the park mid-morning, hung out playing Frisbee, and then upon entering the venue, promptly lost all my friends.

There were sightings along the way. In line for the Ladies Room I would be told that Terri went that way or they just saw Faith and she was looking for me. I would head off in the direction pointed only to just miss each time. I danced the whole show solo, yet during the last number, Don’t Ease Me In, I ventured back to where we entered. Within minutes my friends and I are dancing around each other.


Dead & Company on stage at SPAC.

That is the magic, which is probably why two of my books, Dancing With Faith and my latest, Passenger – the only game in town, both have scenes from the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.

Decades later we venture to SPAC again. The band plays. We are a bit older, and some days wiser, still dancing the night away. The music brings harmony to the masses and will forever rock my soul.

The creative juices will be different moving forward…Scattered like lost words…(Weir)

The Three R’s


I am fortunate that I am surrounded by amazing people. Last two days were spent taking a break from writing to rejuvenate my soul on Cape Cod (Thanks Em!). Although the ocean is within walking distance, I rarely take a break to lay on a beach and just listen to the waves. The “bay side” also gave us a bit of exercise hiking out on a mile plus sand bar in order to reach the surf during low tide. It is during breaks like this that I get the opportunity to rest, read, and revitalize, all very important elements to maintain one’s creativity.

I also had the pleasure to peruse Nikolia my love by my good friend Maryl Damian. I love reading works that incorporate some sort of literary element and in Maryl’s book she uses the poetry of Pushkin to illustrate a budding romance. The story is beautiful and engaging because of the realistic, timely elements. (For more information about Nikolia my love Click Here).

20160607_144734_003 (1)

Author Maryl Damian, Adventure Blogger Deborah, and yours truly after a recent event.

In addition, we recently found out that one of our students will be traveling back to her native country and blogging about her summer journey. I will include links back to her blog so all can share in her adventure.

Tomorrow I am back to the grind, working on my new book tentatively titled Uncle Neddy’s Funeral. This is the story about a corpse who is not quite ready to be buried. When readers meet his family and friends they will understand why. More updates to come along with a short.

I hope you all find your happy place and get the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and revive!

Dance – Dance – Dance

The smell of the salt air. The fog rolling off the river. No bugs! And a jamming Jerry Band. Could life get any better?

It’s the beautiful melody of Sugaree or the hopping beat of That’s What Love Will Make You Do. As I start with a sway, which turns into a bounce, and eventually becomes a full blown shake fest, my inner spirit finally awakens. Some days I know it is sleeping, while others I just float Dancerwithout realizing its missing presence.

For those who have this experience, it may not be dancing that does it for you, yet something brings an uplift of the soul that transforms my whole being. I can’t stop smiling or laughing or just enjoying the moments around me. Not a care in the world.

The best part of this process is my hidden spirit gets my characters talking again. From a creative standpoint this rejuvenates every fiber of my being because when they are talking, I am not forcing their story. The new one has many characters – maybe too many. Some will not make final edits. Its okay.

Just like it is okay to find a corner and move to the beat. As much as our egos want to make us self-conscious, the reality is that no one really cares. And to hold back just messes with our attitude.

At one-point yesterday I turned to hubby and exclaimed, “It even smells right here!”

So I danced my spirit free. Turning, spinning, bouncing, moving to a flow of energy springy from a musical instrument in the distance. The world becomes more clear. It all makes sense.

And my character’s scream to be heard.

Find Your Happy Place



 The valley stretches below as the chair lift ascends up into the fog bank of the  higher elevations. Below sits the famous clock tower in the center of the village.  Above is the mountain’s peak, shielded from view.
The giggles wiggle among the cold breeze and trees decorated with beads and  colorful women’s brassieres.
Hold on to your poles and gloves. Ignore the vibration of your phone inside your  jacket pocket. It is not that important to answer. It is only a distraction. That  could wait.
The bar slides up as the body pushes from the chair down the ramp.  Immediately the skis turn towards the dissension point.
With a deep breath the snow covered evergreen trees move pass on both sides. The wind whispers between the ears. Legs sway in each direction, yet centered on the path ahead.
On the exhale the next hill becomes a stopping point and at the top is the valley, another trail covered mountain in the distance, and the clock tower in the village.

Celebrating Pride…

I have been struggling with what to blog about. Some of my friends suggested stress free holidays, off-season at the beach, or chocolate. All good themes and I am sure I will use each as my goal is to post once a week here.

Yet today I witnessed something so special I need to share it. See today I attended the football banquet for my son’s team. He is a senior so this is the final banquet he will attend as a player. As his coach spoke about putting on the pads that last time and how being a part of this team will stay with each player forever, I started to consider the journey they took to get here.

The man speaking is my son’s third head coach in four years. He was officially hired five weeks prior to the start of the season. He knew the team as he had been an assistant for many years. Another assistant came back despite health problems. A third signed on and then two others. These five men stepped up to make sure the football program and the boy’s senior season did not disappear. (Thank you)

Many of the young men who stood up front held each other, along with the younger players, accountable for off-season workouts. They did their best to lift weights and hold unofficial practices, not knowing as it got closer to August if they would even have a season.

Theirs was a year of blind faith.

And through each obstacle they encountered, they overcame each challenge as a team. As they battled those who  had dominated their team in the past, victory was always close. Their final record did not reflect the heart, soul, commitment, and struggle it took to get to this point.

In sports, especially football because the commitment is so huge, it is easy to stay motivated when the program is successful and the team piles up wins on a regular basis. The challenge is more difficult under changed circumstances.  There is more courage, character, and spirit required then from ones whose glory comes easy. The strength this group possesses will take them far in life.

As each senior accepted their final varsity letter or pin, the pride they have at this moment will be with them forever.