Guilford’s Mid-Life Crisis

Preliminary draft 1 of Uncle Neddy’s is complete! (Yay!) I use the word preliminary because of how I create. I get my first run through of story ideas down and then print out a hard copy. The hard copy then becomes a detailed outline. Is there a story here? What is the point? How can the plot be made more intricate? What additions/edits are needed to make this real?

My methods have been criticized in the past. If I only outlined first I would save time and energy yet to me, outlining takes away the spontaneous moves my character’s make. I must be a plotter because I know I don’t plan.

Currently there is a vision…so yay!

Unfortunately, I think I lost one of my favorite writing spots today. There seemed to be more folks hanging out, not that I can blame them. The Marketplace has a fantastic tea bar (coffee too), fresh made pastries, sandwiches, salads, and such, and I have yet to eat something that wasn’t fabulous!

I did hang out for a bit yet as the crowd of soon to be high school seniors grew, I needed to leave, although I did wait and listen to the mid-life crisis activities of apparently many Guilford parents. Kids qualified everything from buying a new car to joining a tennis club as a mid-life crisis. My favorite came when a young lady started to explain how her father wanted to go to a concert that she planned on attending with her friends. “I mean, like, really…get your own friends and music! Could you imagine running into your dad during the show. Oh my gosh – he’d probably start dancing or something…”

Yep – us old folks need to be banned from concerts.

IMG_20160616_121956 (1)
The “Wall Of Tea” at  Savvy Tea

So here I sit, in a new place, Savvy Tea. Savvy Tea has two types of Green Tea iced plus two others, one black, one non-caffeinated. There is a plethora of loose teas too and the owner offered to put any tea of my choice over ice! (And I think they are playing Jason Mraz!)

Definitely a score.

I should thank the kids in crisis the next time I’m at The Marketplace or I’ll just write at Savvy Tea when in the area. The tour continues….

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