What is up folks? & Happy Summer!

In case you are curious – I have been busy this summer on my two current W.I.P.’s (works in progress) the first is another look into baseball this time from a fan’s perspective. The other is a humorous looks into one of our longest running rituals: the funeral. I know funerals and laughing do not go together, yet those who know me can relate to my warped sense of humor and well, it fits.

My other project is working with an 80-year-old shoreline debutante, to assist her with her life story. The story is unusual because it is a look into the war years from the perspective of privilege. She is also helping me understand lifelong feuds and gossip of the area I call home. Writing non-fiction has been quite the challenge for my active imagination!

My editor, Amanda, was back for a few weeks over the summer. She went through edits on my latest script and the FBI/Grateful Dead/Love story will make its debut early 2016 (YAY!).

Last, but not least, it breaks my heart that a Red Sox Are In First Place promotion was never in the stars for The Perfect Pitch. (The book is available on Amazon – the Sox are in the toilet!)

I hope you all are enjoying your summer! Peace out!


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