What I Do All Day (for those who wondered)

In between semesters there is this illusion created by those who love yet don’t understand me that I do absolutely nothing all day. Think sleep until noon, get up, maybe walk the dog or go to the gym, and then hang out watching TV or staring out the window while I wait for my family to come home.

Yep – I’m living the dream.

Now if you believe that then I need new peeps.

In reality my day starts as soon as my family vacates the house. I turn on the computer and on a good day will go for a couple hours creating my latest draft. On a bad day I will struggle through 1,000 words and stop. I try to do this during the semester too so I may keep up with my deadlines.

Next I will work out anywhere from 20 minutes up to a couple hours. This might include walking the dog, doing a video, or when ambitious, visiting the gym. In most cases we are talking under an hour total unless it is a warm sunny day and I’m walking the beach.

For those who are not aware, I also operate two businesses; a marketing company and a health insurance agency. So since the new law came into force I am sitting on hold with an insurance carrier, at the minimum for an hour or so, before I can ask my one question that takes less than 2 minutes to answer and hopefully will correct the problem. This is getting to be a daily occurrence. I try to use the time wisely yet the longer I am listening to this awful music the more I just want to throw the phone.

After that I may try to go back to working the book although between paperwork, marketing, and other distractions, if I don’t get it done in the morning, forget it.

In case you are curious; I have been on hold for the last hour and a half while I write and edit this-

“Hello? Customer service, is that you?”

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