Friends & Family

Here are some of the blogs & websites I like to visit. Some are political, others technique oriented, while a few are just full of perspective.

Please enjoy!

Chuck Wendig – no day is complete without a visit to his blog on writing.

Jennifer Crusie – another writer’s paradise.

Sharon Struth – hysterical look at life

Alexandra Nofi – a twenty-something perspective on life, politics, and the word around us.

Sally Allen – get the inside scoop on local authors along with upcoming releases.

Terri-Lynne DeFino– another hilarious look at life.

LD Rose – Doctor by day, novelist by night…

Stevie Fischer – Reflections on life…

Carrie Lombardi – Gluten free… Dairy free… Soy free… Clean recipes to warm your soul!

Drew Milliot – Massage therapist extraordinaire!

(I’ll be adding more so if I missed you please be patient…)

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