Dance – Dance – Dance

The smell of the salt air. The fog rolling off the river. No bugs! And a jamming Jerry Band. Could life get any better?

It’s the beautiful melody of Sugaree or the hopping beat of That’s What Love Will Make You Do. As I start with a sway, which turns into a bounce, and eventually becomes a full blown shake fest, my inner spirit finally awakens. Some days I know it is sleeping, while others I just float Dancerwithout realizing its missing presence.

For those who have this experience, it may not be dancing that does it for you, yet something brings an uplift of the soul that transforms my whole being. I can’t stop smiling or laughing or just enjoying the moments around me. Not a care in the world.

The best part of this process is my hidden spirit gets my characters talking again. From a creative standpoint this rejuvenates every fiber of my being because when they are talking, I am not forcing their story. The new one has many characters – maybe too many. Some will not make final edits. Its okay.

Just like it is okay to find a corner and move to the beat. As much as our egos want to make us self-conscious, the reality is that no one really cares. And to hold back just messes with our attitude.

At one-point yesterday I turned to hubby and exclaimed, “It even smells right here!”

So I danced my spirit free. Turning, spinning, bouncing, moving to a flow of energy springy from a musical instrument in the distance. The world becomes more clear. It all makes sense.

And my character’s scream to be heard.

Back At The Chain Restaurant

The first two hours went by quick. I’m working on a longer version of a short story that I had sent to McSweeney’s for consideration. The funny part is I just realized that the best scene from the short isn’t in the longer version and now I don’t know if it can be.

I take that back – the short can fit with a lot of changes. I just want to know how it got left out in the first place? There are theories:

  • It was there and just somehow disappeared. This phenomenon would be blamed on the laptop being possessed.
  • My new characters didn’t like the short’s so they forced them out of the plot.
  • The short’s characters didn’t like the new ending and left. Yes – there was a character revolution!
  • I am an airhead. Come on we all do it. We think we’ve cooked dinner and there is nothing in the oven. Or better yet, one makes plans and forgets to show up?
  • Oy vey!

So now I need to referee a new character in who is kind of ditsy. The others are going to hate her. It’s alright. I’ll just give them [fill in horrible situation of your choice]. I can’t let all my secrets out…

Back At The Harmony

Today we are back at Sweet Harmony’s and I feel the need to describe my lunch. They started with homemade bread, baked fresh here daily. As I wrote lemon iced muffins came out into the IMG_20160524_115143case followed by raspberry crunch and dark chocolate cherry. Since my sandwich, which I am getting to, came with a side I opted for a Sunflower Molasses cookie verses the healthy salad or fruit. This not a sugar free week. (Please see cookie display)

I’m really excited about this sandwich! So the homemade bread and then they added sweet potatoes, fresh spinach, black bean spicy mayo, and muenster cheese…and then they grill it!

Oh. My. Gosh! Grilled Cheese nirvana!

And don’t get me started on their homemade iced Chai latte!

Today was also productive – almost 2000 words!


The Tour Continues…

Today started at J.Rene’s yet the noise level was too much. We shared a table with a young couple who kept edging this gigantic vase of flowers towards our side. They wanted to watch each other drink espresso and sigh into each other’s breath.

Or maybe they just found the flowers to be annoying.

Between the flowers and the noise level (I don’t think I have been in a coffeehouse this loud prior) we decided to venture out to the picnic tables in Elizabeth Park. Clean bathrooms within walking distance and a pretty quiet atmosphere although I must confess, I loved the sound of the jogger’s laughter rolling across the park. (I am a bit jealous since I can only do the laughter part – jogging and I don’t get along.)

The down fall of the park is the literary ants; giant and crawling on the picnic table, my legs, and the laptop. I guess they wanted a sneak peek of my latest W.I.P. or maybe they just wanted to get in the blog.

Hey – the jogger made it in…

1500 words – working hard – might even finish one J

Writing At The DMV

No, I haven’t completely lost my mind. I needed to get a history of my driving record for a potential client. I have done this before and it was simple: stand in the Information line, hand the person $20 and my license when it was my turn, get the report, and leave. Depending on how long the Information is, this takes a half hour, tops.

Then they changed the system (Cue horror music).

So today I stood in the Information line for about a half hour. It was kind of fun. We the line people formed a bond complaining about the bureaucracy known as the DMV. There was the guy behind me trying to register his eighth boat. “I know there is another line after this but I couldn’t pay the dealer four hundred bucks just to register her.” I offered my condolences with number eight.

The guy in front of me just got back from the Middle East with the Marines. After thanking him for his service he explained that Connecticut is the only state that operates this way. “Every other state you can do most of this stuff on line or if you need to come in person they have terminals you punch your information in so by the time you get to the clerk, everything is practically done.” If anyone should be able to cut this line, this guy should. Hasn’t he done enough for our country?

Interesting concept.

Back to me – so I get to the Information Desk and they hand me a “Express Number”. Whoa – I’ll be quick. No – another half hour passes. The guy next to me, from Massachusetts, urges me to go back up. “There is no line now. Why can’t they just get you out of here?” Logical.

But – no.

The Information Clerk explains that she can do nothing except give directions. I wonder if they based the new DMV model on Starbucks. Think about it – when one enters Starbucks there is a line. You submit your order and then watch one barista go crazy trying to keep up while the cashier, manager, and others stand around and chat.

I left and came back about three hours later. The Information Desk gave another Express Number and currently I type this as I wait to hear those magical notes.

Since the DMV is one of the few great equalizers left in our society, there are many different classes of people present yet the prominent conversation is about the way this department is run. I’m taken back by the same conversation repeated amongst the different groups.

Few are engrossed with their phones. Most are pointing and commenting. This is actually getting good. Oh – there is my number. It took exactly three minutes to complete my transaction once I was at the counter. There has got to be a better way.

Maybe I should write at the DMV more often?

Are All Women Crazy?

Greetings from an unnamed chain restaurant. Today’s blog is going to consist of random conversations that interrupt the flow of writing. Side note: I can’t make this up…

  • Guy in his mid-fifties is standing between me and the iced tea choices. He smiles and informs me that “he is the tea guard and he can’t let me pass without the code.” I looked up and said “pushy female coming through”. He laughs and moves aside. I get my tea. He then adds, “That wasn’t the code – I let you pass.” This is going to be a long day.
  • Woman in her late 20’s, dressed to the nines, is leaning against the table in front of me. An older man walks up and asks, “Is this the only table?” After she nods in a positive way, he replies, “Nice job little girl!” Ah – sexual harassment in its finest.
  • We witnessed another great debate, this time by two 20 something males. One asked “Are all woman are crazy?” I think his friend is still laughing!
  • After looking at the menu here, I snuck in a bag of almonds. Don’t tell anyone!

1200 words…probably none of it worth keeping.

The Smell Of Baked Goods…

Today we are composing at The Half Moon Café & Grille and as you can see, they have a kick ass dessert bar. I’m off sugar again yet the place smells like baking cake.
20160517_123215 This is perfect for me – all the visual and scent sensations without the after effect. From experience, they make a killer three bean vegetarian soup!

And there is an espresso bar. I probably do not need any more caffeine yet it is comforting to know caffeine is an option.

So today the concentration is on dialog and figuring out where my characters want to go. Currently this piece is developing into a straight up romance, which will be a disappointment to those who dug Passenger – The Only Game In Town. The plot will probably change as it ripens. They usually do. At this point I can’t guarantee explosions.

This is one of the many challenges of writing long pieces. I refuse to outline until I have a finished first draft. Then, and only then, I sketch to see where my plot is weak in order to make a stronger story. I’ve been told that there is an easier method yet the process, to me, is more organic this way. My first two books were written in notebooks and then transposed on to the computer. The last two I wrote on a laptop. There is a difference in the way the stories developed.

If I follow The Artist’s Way method I should do the book freehand, pen to paper, first and then input. Pen and paper come in handy, say at the beach or in the middle of the night when an idea floats in that is (sometimes) brilliant.

Sorry to say no interesting eavesdropping today…maybe tomorrow.