Find Your Happy Place



 The valley stretches below as the chair lift ascends up into the fog bank of the  higher elevations. Below sits the famous clock tower in the center of the village.  Above is the mountain’s peak, shielded from view.
The giggles wiggle among the cold breeze and trees decorated with beads and  colorful women’s brassieres.
Hold on to your poles and gloves. Ignore the vibration of your phone inside your  jacket pocket. It is not that important to answer. It is only a distraction. That  could wait.
The bar slides up as the body pushes from the chair down the ramp.  Immediately the skis turn towards the dissension point.
With a deep breath the snow covered evergreen trees move pass on both sides. The wind whispers between the ears. Legs sway in each direction, yet centered on the path ahead.
On the exhale the next hill becomes a stopping point and at the top is the valley, another trail covered mountain in the distance, and the clock tower in the village.

Katy Perry and Bubble Gum

How many times do we insult someone without realizing we have done so? Last evening at the John Mayer show in Bridgeport rumor spread quickly that Katy Perry was waiting backstage to sing a duet with the hometown troubadour. The whispers turned into girls screeching “KATEEEEEEEEEEEE,” between every song.
This got annoying quick.
A twenty something turned to me at one point and exclaimed “Isn’t it exciting Katy is going to sing?”
I didn’t reply. When she repeated her glee again I simply said, “Isn’t she kind of bubble gum?”
At that point the generation gap is established. I jumped up and danced to covers of Lay Down Sally and You Don’t Know How It Feels along with many of Mayer’s originals. The youngsters talked through the Clapton cover. Actually they talked through everything until they started the Katy screech.
Then they just screeched until hubby informed them Katy had left the building. “Hey – that’s what the GM said, but what do I know.”
Eyes watered. Bubbles popped. And for a few precious songs, silence reigned.

john mayer

Celebrating Pride…

I have been struggling with what to blog about. Some of my friends suggested stress free holidays, off-season at the beach, or chocolate. All good themes and I am sure I will use each as my goal is to post once a week here.

Yet today I witnessed something so special I need to share it. See today I attended the football banquet for my son’s team. He is a senior so this is the final banquet he will attend as a player. As his coach spoke about putting on the pads that last time and how being a part of this team will stay with each player forever, I started to consider the journey they took to get here.

The man speaking is my son’s third head coach in four years. He was officially hired five weeks prior to the start of the season. He knew the team as he had been an assistant for many years. Another assistant came back despite health problems. A third signed on and then two others. These five men stepped up to make sure the football program and the boy’s senior season did not disappear. (Thank you)

Many of the young men who stood up front held each other, along with the younger players, accountable for off-season workouts. They did their best to lift weights and hold unofficial practices, not knowing as it got closer to August if they would even have a season.

Theirs was a year of blind faith.

And through each obstacle they encountered, they overcame each challenge as a team. As they battled those who  had dominated their team in the past, victory was always close. Their final record did not reflect the heart, soul, commitment, and struggle it took to get to this point.

In sports, especially football because the commitment is so huge, it is easy to stay motivated when the program is successful and the team piles up wins on a regular basis. The challenge is more difficult under changed circumstances.  There is more courage, character, and spirit required then from ones whose glory comes easy. The strength this group possesses will take them far in life.

As each senior accepted their final varsity letter or pin, the pride they have at this moment will be with them forever.